Exit Strategies, Survivalism and the Prospect of Superintelligence

offplanet-colony-dyson-sphereIll. Cosmic Megastructure
Could We Build a Dyson Sphere? – Popular Mechanics

Is the western world running out of moves on the grand chess board? Diplomacy, free trade agreements , open borders, quantitative easing, peace keeping forces, military interventions and covert arms dealings have been for nothing? So it seems.

The current critical situation across the planet should be a great time for anyone concerned about survivalism to practice their skills. Get your bug-out bag ready and fill up that panic room with canned food, clean water and tons of ammo! Seriously, are we really out of options?

Building the appropriate security apparatus in a turbulent world

There is plenty of time to build resilient societies, space colonies, underground bunkers, nanobiotech shields against contagious diseases, supervolcanoes and malevolent super-intelligence.

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