About PFN

The Plausible Futures Newsletter is a news service edited by Ole Peter Galaasen (Plausible Fremtider and Kloke Ord).


“…that in a world already filled with marvelous gadgets, writers are failing to imagine vivid, wild and yet credible futures for humankind. Within that context, a site like Plausible Futures serves as a source of inspiration, not only to authors looking for the meat of their next story, but for anyone who wants to kick back and imagine what life might be like in another decade, century or even millennium.” – A.M. Dellamonica, Sci-Fi Weekly.

“An excellent resource for info-hungry futurists!” – Cindy Wagner, Editor of Futurist Update, World Future Society.

“I am impressed with your website. It provides an interesting overview of what is happening in our field.” – Paul de Reuijter, GBN Europe.

“I haven’t found any similar information source anywhere for my purposes” – Martin Börjesson, Carlstedt Research & Technology.

«You’re a star!» – David Pearce.