Ultranationalists and nuclear insiders

Russian ultranationalists may have nuclear material:

Vladimir Vlasov, a former employee of the Academician Bochvar All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Inorganic Materials, was sentenced on Tuesday along with his accomplice, Mikhail Klevachyov, who was given 19 years in prison.

… There have been documented cases of employees of Russian nuclear facilities stealing enriched uranium and plutonium. There was also one case in which a Russian nuclear physicist stowed away his own stash of plutonium before retiring “just in case” he might need it. In comparison, Vlasov’s case represents a dangerous phenomenon: Here, a veteran of the Russian nuclear industry has committed a grave crime based on his racist beliefs, rather than greed.

…Otherwise, the next nuclear industry insider – who is driven into murderous rage by ultranationalist feelings or any other violent ideology – may be armed with radiological weapon rather than a conventional bomb.

Read the entire article at ISN Security Watch.

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