The Gannon Cannon

George Herbert Walker Bush, a concealed pedophile, was instrumental in running a teen-ager prostitution ring, Omaha, Nebraska, Chicago, District of Columbia. Early on not mentioning the Elder Bush by name, was a privately printed book on the subject, “The Franklin Cover-Up”, by John DeCamp, a Nebraska State Senator.

Part 1: Bush Treason In Spy Whorehouse
This report might be considered like a website Home Page with links which seem to go in many directions. As this series progresses, I shall try to make sense of it all. Naive readers early on most possibly will greatly fault this writer.There was in Iowa a very clever fellow named Johnny Gosch. He was considered precocious. Now some would have compared him to Michael Riconoscuito, a boy genius. Michael was a wizard in spy craft, electronics, chemistry, and a lot more.

(By a series of circumstances, we were able to interview Michael for several months in 1992, a story to itself.)

Johnny Gosch was kidnapped in 1982. His mother Noreen apparently could not get the assistance of law enforcement. So she wrote a book and sent it here and there to alternative commentators such as myself.

George Herbert Walker Bush, a concealed pedophile, was instrumental in running a teen-ager prostitution ring, Omaha, Nebraska, Chicago, District of Columbia. Early on not mentioning the Elder Bush by name, was a privately printed book on the subject, “The Franklin Cover-Up”, by John DeCamp, a Nebraska State Senator. The forward to the book mentions a colleague of DeCamp, former (and now late) Director of Central Intelligence William Colby. DeCamp says he participated with Colby in Viet Nam, in “pacifying” the Viet Cong and others, through the Phoenix Assassination Program.

The book relates the story of a credit union that met a bad fate, along with a kingpin of it, in a series of events related to the teen-ager prostitution ring.

Noreen believed her disappeared son was sucked up into this sordid enterprise. She saw her son again, very briefly, in 1997. He warned her not to inquire about him.

Then in February, 2005, there surfaced a fellow named Jeff Gannon. He was a major player in a District of Columbia Escort Service. Plain spoken folks would label it simply a male call service, or a male whorehouse. Gannon was a reputed reporter for a little-known news service owned by one of George W. Bush’s pals in Texas; a news operation now defunct.

Gannon apparently got into the White House and stayed with or visited, upstairs, with the occupant and resident, namely George W. Bush. Some contend the U.S. Secret Service, contrary to what they are required, did NOT log in Gannon.

Gannon alias Gosch received reportedly directly from George W. Bush in the White House and/or right nearby, the secret American CIA records used to blow the cover of CIA operative Valerie Plame. The result was that some of the 70 CIA penetration agents, supervised by Plame, operating in countries very hostile to the U.S. were identified and murdered. Blowing the cover of Plame was a reprisal against her husband, a former U.S. Ambassador who criticized George W. Bush.

In so doing, George W. Bush committed treason and violated a federal criminal provision having a severe penalty for blowing the cover of a CIA operative.

Some of Valerie Plame’s penetration agents overseas, supervised by her, reportedly had reported bcover as business people of Coca-Cola Company or their units. .Funds involved link to Coca-Cola’s corrupting of five members of the U.S. Supreme Court in Bush versus Gore, December, 2000.

A member of the homosexual media and political underground, written about by us since December, 2002, reputedly is John Roberts. He heads up the CBS reporting team in the White House press corps and hopes to replace Dan Rather as CBS Network Evening News Anchor Face. Roberts ostensibly escorts Gannon to where he has to go, often apparently without legal formality.

Why would the Secret Service on purpose, fail to log in Jeff Gannon to the White House?

1. One reason is the Secret Service has become accustomed to George W. Bush’s co-habiting reportedly with homosexuals, such as Victor Ashe, once longtime Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee. When a member of Congress began following up on our stories, Bush shipped Ashe out of the country, as U.S. Ambassador to Poland.

Bush’s cavorting is not a private matter. It involves National Security. The Red Chinese Secret Police used their knowledge of all this to blackmail U.S. financial, industrial and MILITARY secrets out of the Bush White House.

[Visit, “Overthrow” series, part 24, as well as numerous other stories on the Red Chinese Secret Police, such as with Wal-Mart.]

Some in the Secret Service have quietly resigned, fed up with covering up Bush’s sordid doings as a member of the satanic cult, Skull & Bones, or as we call it, Skull & Bastards Society.

2. Another reason is that CBS’s John Roberts has some reportedly rotten details about the Secret Service’s involvement in political assassinations. And thus, Roberts ostensibly can escort certain persons upstairs in the White House to Bush without having the Secret Srvice log them in.

3. Jeff Gannon, in the company of John Roberts, attended a recent press conference by Bush. Gannon reportedly did not have to go through an extensive FBI/Secret Service background check. Further, apparently with Robert’s connivance, Gannon, without Secret Service press credentials, was allowed to sit next to Roberts at a press conference and ask Bush a “soft ball” question, enabling Bush to mouth off about his agenda.

Some explosive purported pictures apparently have been made available to some U.S. Admirals and Generals, known in the trade as “flag officers”, part of a growing group that wants to arrest their Commander-in-Chief for documented treason. If he orders them arrested for mutiny, and if they are not immediately assassinated, they intend to defend themselves at Courts Martial with documented treason by Bush as they contend they are authorized to do under the Uniform Military Code.

One picture from a whorehouse “catalogue”, shows Jeff Gannon reportedly naked near the words Escort Service, Two Hundred Dollars per hour.

The other purported picture shows Jeff Gannon naked next to George W. Bush likewise naked. This picture to some is very questioable on the basis it may be too good to be true. On the other hand, some dissident flag officers in the Military contend that some dissidents in the U.S. Secret Service who are fed up with Bush’s sordid activities, somehow arranged the clandestine picture.

A group of elite investigators, for many years now documenting the operation of the male prostitution ring, Omaha, Chicago, and District of Colombia, have told a very small, trusted group of old-assistants, some of the following:

===That the person using the name “Jeff Gannon” is most likely Johnny Gosch. And that the name is a tip-off in that it is the name of an editor of a major newspaper in Iowa that originally severely condemned Noreen Gosch for making an issue of the kidnapping of her twelve-year old son in 1982 who delivered newspapers for that paper.

===That Gannon alias Gosch was selected at an early age because of his cleverness and adaptability to espionage work, as the intelligence agencies are inclined to do. And that Gannon alias Gosch is part of a spy agency team so secretive its name or title is not known by those otherwise knowledgeable about secret teams.

===That Gannon alias Gosch is an expert penetration agent, through sex, compiling negative data on U.S. and foreign governmental officials. For example, fourteen members of the House and Senate are users of this whorehouse service along with at least two members of the Federal Reserve Board. The Congress members are mostly Republican that Daddy Bush, for the benefit of George W., wants to be sure they follow orders as handed down by the Anglo-American Aristocracy.

The Escort Service, supervised reportedly by Jeff Gannon alias Gosch , also reportedly services and keeps track of members of British Intelligence operating in the U.S.

===Gannon alias Gosch reportedly knows the names and whereabouts of some of the members of the secret team that not long ago burglarized the home of Federal Reserve Commissar, Alan Greenspan. They were looking for secret financial records that Greenspan was inclined to take home with him. The Fed Chief’s wife, Senior Washington correspondent Andrea Mitchell, arranged for her network NBC, owned by major war-monger General Electric, to interview Gannon who refused to discuss the Escort Service

===Gannon alias Gosch is reportedly an expert on torture, trained by those who assisted the Generals operating “death squads” in Central America and South America. He has been a major consultant for extracting information by torture at Guantamino and at the Baghdad jail.

Gannon alias Gosch ostensibly is an expert on porno snuff, a murderous form of sexuality. Some years ago, according to a reputed eyewitness, John F. Kerry was present in London when there were these devilish doings. And Gannon alias Gosch is apparently directly familiar with these circumstances of Kerry in London.

Investigators have been tracking hundreds of millions of dollars of Russian mafiya funds funneling through semi-secret hedge funds and commodity accounts principally through Chicago. A Russian reportedly linked to these funds once paid millions to be a private passenger on a Russian space shot. A large portion of these illicit funds find their way to Omaha where they are reportedly commingled with espionage/dope funds handled by Warren Buffet, a major owner and board member of Coca-Cola, an adjunct of the American CIA.

[Warren Buffet is apparently the target of several federal grand juries in Atlanta, Georgia, inquiring into book-cooking by Coca-Cola’s top officials. Most of Coke’s upper management have departed. Vast sums of Coke’s monies have disappeared and apparently were used along with funds of Mickey Mouse, to corrupt five of the nine judges on the U.S. Supreme Court in Bush versus Gore. For exclusive details, Visit, series “Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts:.]

Subjects of future parts of this series.

===Warren Buffet running funds reportedly through Boy’s Town, as part of teen-ager whorehousing and child molesting.

===Why and how the New York Times would prefer not to defend their reporters from contempt of court jail sentences for their refusal to testify before federal grand juries, because it would directly unravel George W. Bush and the Jeff Gannon alias Johnny Gosch connection to Bush and the Valerie Plame Affair.

Part 2: Bush Treason Violence in D.C. Whorehouse Mess
The mother and husband of a Chicago U.S. District Judge are found dead in her house. For hours, the local police and the F.B.I. would only say that they are conducting an investigation of the deaths.Nothing more.But from the beginning, the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press strongly hinted it might be caused by those linked to Matt Hale, a white supremacist who reportedly had members of his group, World Church of the Creator, some years ago inflict murderous violence on several blacks and Jews in Chicago.

District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow [(312) 435-5832] had several years ago punished Hale. Later, Hale was accused of plotting to kill Judge Lefkow.

Federal criminally prosecuted for so plotting, Hale was found guilty and since 2003 was locked up in the Chicago Federal Jail, a unusual triangular building, under special stringent provisions reserved for “terrorists”. Sentencing of Hale was scheduled for April, 2005.

{A revealing detail of the plotting trial of Hale was that a federal judge from Indiana was brought in for that purpose.bbof the Hale plotting trial in Chicago. Quite a character, that Judge previously barely escaped being removed from the bench. That Judge had a live-in girl friend who had an additional boyfriend in the dope business. The Indiana Judge was accused of obstructing justice by corruptly keeping the FBI from inquiring into the dope trafficking.]

After many hours, the mass media finally announced that Judge Lefkow’s 89-year old mother and husband were found in the basement of the Judge’s home, both having been shot in the back of the head. The lapdog press never mentioned that Homeland Security was involved in the inquiry.

As a result of the apparent prior threats by the white supremacists, both the Judge and her home were under police protection. The press liars do not bother to raise the question: HOW could the Judge or anyone at her house be endangered by an assassin or assassins while under full police protection?

[We had previously dared mention that Miohael Chertoff, new head of the Gestapo-like Homeland Security, was a pliable member of the homosexual media and political underground we wrote about in our “Overthrow” series, part 24.]

To continue the focus on Matt Hale and his group, the media hasten to point out that neither the Judge nor her husband are Jewish.

What the press -fakers failed to mention are details necessary to understand the operation of the U.S. District Courts, such as the one in Chicago. They have both a civil and criminal case docket. Over the more than 48 years of our operation as court-reformers, we have uncovered details that really hot cases are listed only on the secret civil and criminal dockets. With the help of friendly sources, we now and then have been able to wiggle out details of those secret cases.

The U.S. Attorney in the District is the Chief Federal Prosecutor. For many, many years the policy was to have a local attorney become the Chief Federal Prosecutor in Chicago. And he would stay at that post for upwards of five years and then would get a highly lucrative job with a major law firm protecting Big Business from any possible federal scrutiny similar to the corrupt way the prosecutor would likewise protect bigshots and high society folks.

Supposedly to break that clubby system, in recent years brought in from New York has been Patrick Fitzgerald. He has also been given the role more or less as Special Federal Prosecutor in the Valerie Plame Affair.

Using her maiden name, Plame has been a deep cover operative, supervising some 70 overseas penetration agents for CIA, in countries extremely hostile to the U.S. Many of her team used cover reportedly as overseas officials of Coca-Cola Company, an adjunct of the American CIA. Her husband, former U.S.Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson, had criticized George W. Bush relying on false data, that Saddam Hussein supposedly was purchasing uranium, called yellow cake, from a place called Niger.

Someone high, high up in the U.S. government leaked out documents blowing the cover of Valerie Plame. The result was that many of her 70 CIA agent team were identified and murdered. That is treason subject to extreme penalties under federal criminal provisions.

The Special Prosecutor became aware that D.C. Escort Service operative, Jeff Gannon most likely alias Johnny Gosch, received the secret details directly from George W. Bush himself, either upstairs in the White House or across the street in an Executive office building.

Gannon trained in whorehouse services as a penetration agent for a super-secret U.S. agency, was an expert in torture techniques called S-M. Gannon alias Gosch became a top-level consultant on torture methods to Alberto Gonzales, who was soft-ball questioned about this when being affirmed as the new U.S. Attorney General. Gonzales had informed Bush that torture was most likely okay since the “terrorists” were not, he claimed, subject to the Geneva Conventions for humane treatment of war prisoners.

Reputed weirdo, Michael Chertoff, who likewise used Gannon alias Gosch as a torture consultant, likewise gave apparent advice to George W. Bush that mistreatment of “terrorist” prisoners is not subject to the Geneva Conventions of which the U.S. is a signatory.

Apparently problems were developing in subpoenaeing Jeff Gannon alias Johnny Gosch as to data on blowing the cover of Valerie Plame. Not in open court, the Special Prosecutor took up the federal grand jury problems reportedly with Judge Lefkow. Those working on the problem secretly were well aware that pulling on the whorehouse chain would bring in George W. Bush himself, as a federal criminally indicted defendant having committed treason directly using Gannon alias Gosch.

In the press, a neighbor of Judge Lefkow is commenting on the double murder, “I hope it does not involve anything on her docket, because if it does, then judges everywhere would be fearful.” Who if not the Bush White House and the Gestapo-like Homeland Security would want to put the “terrorist” fear into judges everywhere? —-that Judges have to follow orders in Hitler’s America and protect bbthe head man, acting like a Dictator.

Of the 14 members of the House and Senate who are apparent “pals” of Escort Service operative Gannon alias Gosch, has been U.S. Senator Arlen Specter (R., Penn.). He is reportedly suffering from an erarly version of AIDS.

Cynics claim that if Specter got AIDS from Gannon alias Gosch, that it would be a suitable punishment. Specter in 1964 sat on the infamous Warren Commission and created the phantasy that became Warren Commission Exhibit 399. that supposed lone assassin Oswald shot a bullet found in pristine condition laying on a hospital cart in a hospital where President John F. Kennedy was pronounced dead. How did it do such damage to Governor Connally and the President and yet remain in perfect condition as a bullet?

A revealing incident occurred in Lefkow’s courtroom where she was at the time a U.S. Magistrate Judge. I was a litigant in Lefkow’s courtroom as to my efforts complaining about the corruption of federal judges in the courthouse.

As I left I was stopped while sitting in my wheelchair and with my friends right outside the courtroom door. A top U.S. Justice Department official had flown in specially from Washington to confront me right there. He said, “Mr. Skolnick, you have to stop investigating and going on the air and in the court record about the Chief Bankruptcy Judge being corrupt and parking offshore 141 million dollars skimmed off the bankruptcy rackets and not having paid income tax for years”.

I quickly retorted, “It is all true. I put into the court record, and not disputed, the transcript of an interview I and a tv assistant did with an official of the IRS Intelligence Division, confirming the Chief Bankruptcy Judge’s offense.”

He answered, “You stop doing your obstructions of the court or I am going to the Chief Judge and together we are going to put you into prison, do you understand?”

At that point, the deputy U.S. Marshal in Judge Lefkow’s court came to the courtroom door and said, “Look, Judge Lefkow is hearing everything you people are saying. You have to get away from this door. You are disturbing the proceedings”. I responded, “Hey, if the Judge is hearing everything, then she knows I as a litigant in her court am being threatened with harm by this top government official right at the Judge’s door. What is the judge gonna do to proteczt me, a litigant in her court, and a tv commentator, huh?”

All the deputy Marshal said was, “Get away from this open door.”

Later, the Justice Department official was a named defendant in a lawsuit by me, but I got no court remedy.

As to the two deaths at the Judge’s house, only one network, and only one time, mentioned that the two deaths are linked to the Valerie Plame case. The rest of the monopoly press is pushing the cover up, that it is all Matt Hale’s team.

With George W. Bush being totally implicated in the D.C. whorehouse mess and blowing the cover of Valerie Plame, can the highly politicized, highly corrupt FBI and Homeland Security continue their cover up?

And with the murder of two members of Judge Lefkow’s family, are judges everywhere now fearful of assisting anyone, including the Special Federal Prosecutor, of identifying George W. Bush as to his treason himself blowing the cover of Valerie Plame?

Part 3: Bush/FBI/CIA/IRS Role in Murder of Federal Judge’s Family
They dare not tell you about it. That would antagonize their patrons, the Aristocracy. Knowing how to survive is the spy-riddled, oil-soaked, massive tax-cheating Monopoly Press.Details you need to know:

In 1995, formerly with the IRS, was Chicago U.S. District Judge Wayne R. Andersen [(312) 435-7619 ] . He had on his civil docket a troublesome piece of litigation. Among the charges and claims in the suit was that top officials of the Chicago IRS had secretly taken for their own personal benefit, and not for the public Treasury, some fifty million dollars belonging to a tax-payer. And that some of this ended up with Bill and Hillary Clinton to keep them from going to prison for embezzling a savings and loan association in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Each District Judge, to deal with their heavy docket of cases, and to hear evidentiary matters, has under their wing a U.S. Magistrate Judge. So this hot potato was steered over to Joan Humphrey Lefkow, at the time a U.S. Magistrate Judge.

Judge Lefkow kept resisting hearing the facts of the top IRS corruption. After all, Judge Andersen’s wife also had a role previously with the IRS and became a State judicial official. I was one of the accusers prepared with all the facts, yet Lefkow cut short the hearing. Apparently by pre-arrangement with Judge Lefkow, waiting just outside her open courtroom door was a top Clinton Justice Department official, who had flown in especially to confront me.

In the presence of my associates, the top honcho told me as my wheelchair rolled out the door, that I have to quit putting into the court record details of the IRS corruption and mentioning it on my weekly Public Access Cable TV Program. Such as, that the IRS was covering up that the Chief Judge of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court was part of a federal courthouse gang that illegally skimmed off some 141 Million dollars from the bankruptcy rackets and had it kept offshore. And that such Chief Judge had not paid taxes for some 30 previous years as corruptly approved of and condoned by the Chicago IRS.

I retorted that it was all true; it was in the court record and not disputed by IRS. He said if I did not stop, he was going to the Chief Judge and have me grabbed and clapped into jail, wheelchair and all.

Lefkow’s Deputy U.S. Marshal came to the open door and said the Judge could hear everything we were saying and wanted us to get away from the door. I told her to get the Judge to do something to stop me from being thus threatened as a litigant in her court right at the Judge’s door. The deputy said the Judge refused and that the Judge said we should get away from the door.

My investigations from that point forward convinced me that Judge Lefkow was aiding and abetting Judge Andersen in covering up top-level massive Chicago IRS corruption.

Judge Lefkow and her now murdered husband, Michael Lefkow, a church official and lawyer, were very tight with the writers and owners and operators of a Chicago-based entertainment weekly, called the Chicago Reader.

The publication greatly profits from sex ads, including those from “call boy” and “call girl” operations, that is, traveling whorehouses. Some of the advertisements seek to reportedly make available some of the teen-age prostitution ring supervised by Daddy Bush, from Omaha, through Chicago, to the District of Columbia.

The Escort Service, or whorehouse, operated by Jeff Gannon, possibly alias Johnny Gosch, reportedly used ads in the Chicago Reader as part of their activities to use sex to penetrate public officials and to spy on them for blackmail and espionage purposes. According to some accounts, Gannon stayed upstairs at the White House with George W. Bush and entered the White House without being logged in as required.

In the years past, the CIA and FBI operations in the Chicago-area used a series of so-called “massage parlors” to secretly;photograph various public officials in sexually compromising situations. These units drew in patrons through sex ads in the Chicago Reader. The highly corrupt Chicago IRS, aware of these activities, did nothing to stop the massive tax-cheating condoned and arranged by the FBI and the American CIA.

The guru, consultant, and apparent fund-raiser for the Chicago Reader has been Don Rose. In a series of college seminars, public speeches, and authored articles, starting about 1969 and thereafter, I fingered Rose as the apparent brains behind CIA agents provocateurs including Rennie Davis, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Tom Hayden, and others.

For example, Rose reportedly used a CIA successor front to the American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU, to supervise the provocateurs that confronted the police and the National Guard, at the 1968 Democratic Convention Riots in Chicago.

[Visit series “Anti-War Movement” for highly detailed account.]

Through CIA conduits, pass-throughs, and fronts, as Foundations, Rose reportedly manipulated, as purported consultant, many of the civil rights and peace movement figures. He got them massive publicity only if they followed his orders. Favorable press coverage was arranged by Rose through a family-member of his, a top official of the American CIA’s wire service, United Press International, UPI.

Rose was a prolific writer and could write numerous articles under various pen-nanes, as if he were a man or a woman. He was the publisher and principle writer of the “Hyde Park-Kenwood Voices”, a publication circulated near Rockefeller’s University of Chicago. “The Voices” sought to make it acceptable for CIA-paid provocateurs to throw bags of excrement at the police, and to make sexual perversions and dope “fashionable”. These ideas, as their guru, Rose robbed off onto the writers, owners and operators of the Reader. As I numerous times in the past detailed, Rose’s activities were financed, in part, by front groups acting for the Vatican and the Catholic Church hierarchy in Chicago.

Starting in 1991, I was a regular panel member, and starting in 1995, moderator/producer of a weekly very popular Public Access Cable TV Program in Chicago. Later in the 1990s, we fingered a top FBI official, heading their “counter-terrorism” unit, for protecting and whitewashing the Russian mafiya in Chicago.

The Russians took over a great deal of the Chicago “Red Light” district, and were specialists in stealing identities from credit cards, and peddling very superior counterfeit currency. All this while the top officials of the Chicago FBI “counter-terrorism” unit and the U.S. Secret Service, failing to enforce anti-counterfeit laws, granted near total immunity to the Russian criminals operating in the Chicao-area.

The Russian gangsters in the Chicago-area ostensibly became a bigger and bigger financial force with the sex ads and related matters in the Chicago Reader.

Judge Lefkow’s murdered husband, Michael F. Lefkow had interesting connections. He was a lawyer and church official. He was Secretary of the Episcopal Church Diocese of Chicago Standing Committee and member of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, in Chicago’s northern suburb of Evanston.

For 2001-2002, he chaired the Chicago Bar Association Referral Service. He initiated a referral panel of lawyers for victims of clergy sexual abuse. Some contend he got kick-backs for helping the Catholic Archdiocese knock out claims regarding priest sexual abuse, thus saving the Church many millions of Dollars.

Lawyer Lefkow’s close pal, Michael Miner, of the Chicago Reader, wrote a lengthy piece for the publication for the week of February 18, 2005, just prior to the double murder of Judge Lefkow’s husband and mother. The article, entitled “Did Shanley Get Screwed?”, tended to support the Boston Catholic Archdiocese. Some contend that lawyer/church official Lefkow may have assisted Miner with little-known data to marginalize those who somehow remember or later recall sexual abuse by priests. Did lawyer Lefkow assist with ideas to knock down claims of sexual abuse victims, saving the Church hierarchy many millions of dollars of claims? If so, was he paid under the table accordingly?

The Special Federal Prosecutor in the Valerie Plame Affair, reportedly needed the assistance of judges in the federal courthouse to behind the scenes assist with some federal grand jury problems which may lead up to a federal criminal indictment of George W. Bush himself. Most of the federal judges in the federal courthouse in Chicago are GOP appointees. Judge Lefkow, on the other hand, was appoinred to the U.S. District Court in 2000 by Clinton.

Did the Special Federal Prosecutor find it necessary to “persuade” Judge Lefkow to help with the grand jury problems, by twisting her arm somewhat as to the foregoing? And did her apparent unsavory business links and that of her husband tend to come out as a result?

The murder of the Judge’s family members appear to be a political assassination. And in such, the press-fakers almost never ask the obvious question: WHO BENEFITS? This series raises questions the liars and whores of the press are fearful to ask.

Part 4: Bush, The Russian Mafiya, and the Murder of a Federal Judges’s Family
Some years ago, a Chicago alderman proclaimed, “Chicago is not ready for reform”. Our motto has been, “Chicago, the mafia, CIA capitol of the world.”Citizen-reformers, faraway from the Windy City, have complained to me that their Federal Courthouse is as crooked as they have heard me describe as to the Windy City. They asked the impossible. That I in a few minutes on the phone, tell them how to investigate federal court corruption where they are.

We have come to understand that the occupants of the Chicago federal courthouse are most everyone, occupants of a crooked club.

One Chicago federal district judge somehow arranged for his wife to be the one sent to resolve discrimination claims by women against the supervisors and bosses at the Illinois plant of a Japanese car maker. For her work, the Judge’s wife took home two million dollars.

A top official of another Japanese car maker complained to us that Chicago U.S. Bankruptcy Court officials were trying to shake down his firm for nearly a million dollars to “forget” that his firm supposedly owes many millions which he claims are false charges. That was the “Rusty Jones” case, a car undercoating firm that went bust.

Seldom mentioned in the spy-riddled, oil-soaked, massive tax-cheating Monopoly Press, are how federal extortionists in Chicago, under pretense of their title and authority, screw Japanese firms in particular that somehow end up in Chicago’s crooked federal courts. One is left to wonder whether the Japanese underworld somehow is not sicced onto the judges.

More effective is the Russian underworld, called the Mafiya. They have come to be a growing presence in various places in the Nation. New York, Miami, Cleveland, and Chicago, just to name a few places.

The federal law enforcement authorities are the proverbial three monkeys as to the Russian criminals. Why? The FBI knows that many of the Mafiya are former murderous members of the Soviet Secret Political Police, the KGB. Although the FBI has their own bloody dirty tricks unit, Division Five and some other names not known, the FBI are simply chicken. They are not going to mess with a superior underworld army.

The Russkies have taken over the Chicago-area rackets. The “Red Light” District, stealing identities through stolen or otherwise used credit cards, superior quality counterfeit currency, moving company shakedowns, and extortion and blackmail schemes—the Russians are past masters, bringing over their methods from the Old World.

Real estate sales people whisper among themselves. How Yugoslav and Russian underworld types come into the office, point to a house and offer a very lowball price. When the salesmen or saleswomen hesitate, the hard-nose types point to the paper bags they brought with them and shower a desk with hundred dollar bills. After the deal is okayed, the salespeople wonder to themselves: was the cocaine residue fully brushed off the paper money?

In the somewhat older neighborhood where Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow, her husband Michael, and her mother lived, a few blocks from the lake, there are a sprinkling of new neighbors. Some contend members of the Russian underworld quietly reside nearby.

A short course in security has to be understood. Example. A southside Chicago alderman complained of threats. So, the police guarded his house in three shifts. The police, while munching on their hamburgers, noticed from time to time that known gangsters and “bagmen” came and went from that residence. Upset by this, they quietly pushed the disclosures into the ears of reformers.

No surprise. That same alderman is now Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, one of the biggest court systems in the Nation.

Getting threats apparently from skinheads and such, Judge Lefkow and her house were guarded by the Chicago police and on occasion by the U.S. Marshal Security Service. Remember, “Chicago is not ready for reform”.

In recent years, a notorious criminal was on trial in the Chicago U.S. District Court. In the evidence in court came out, beyond dispute, that this criminal was a business partner of the Chicago-headquartered head of the Federal Witness Protection Program. Cynics clacked. Oh, so that is how supposedly protected witnesses are somehow snuffed out.

As mentioned in Part 3 of this series, Michael Lefkow and his wife the Judge, were tight with the writers, owners, and operators of an entertainment magazine. The publication profited from sex ads, and come-ons for Escort Services, that is, traveling whorehouses, some tied to Daddy Bush, George W. Bush, reportedly through Jeff Gannon alias Johnny Gosch.

Moving more and more into those whorehouse operations are the Russian Mafiya. Some in law enforcement assert that Michael Lefkow, a lawyer, was a super “bagman”, and was clubby with the other Chicago U.S. District Judges, pals of his wife, as well as the Federal Appeals Judges occupying the top floor of the Dirksen Building.

So Judge Lefkow and her husband turned off the closed circuit video surveillance cameras mounted on the house, and told the police and the U.S. Marshals, that their services were no longer necessary. The Lefkows did not want the security patrol witnessing who all were coming and going from that residence.

In recent times brought in from New York as a latter day Elliot Ness or Mr. Clean, is now U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald also named as Special Prosecutor in the CIA leak case, the Valerie Plame Affair. Fitzgerald is astounded at the profound nature of the corruption of the various levels of the federal court system in Chicago.

Fitzgerald got into a ruckus with the U.S. District Judge next in line to be soon Chief Judge, James F. Holderman [(312) 435-5632 ]. The stand-off revolved around Edgewater Hospital. That facility is somehow financially linked to several of the past and present federal judges. On the walls of the hospital have been plaques honoring Chicago federal judges.

Fitzgerald is also aware that court corruption details regarding the world’s two largest beverage companies were pushed out of the court records by corrupt court personnel on behalf of the accused judges in Chicago and on the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington. That is, Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola.

[Visit, series “Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts” and added later in the series, Pepsi-Cola. ] Participating in the court corruption as a reputed “bagman” in both beverage cases has been a top George W. Bush Justice Department official who also played a key role in the corruption of five members of the U.S. Supreme Court, December, 2000, in Bush versus Gore.

The role of Judge Lefkow covering up massive corruption of top level officials of the Chicago IRS has been dealt with in Part 3 of this series.

Lawyer Michael Lefkow as purported super “bagman”, an apparent fixer and facilitator of working a malign influence on federal judges in Chicago in important cases, needs to be clarified with more details. Did Joan Lefkow the Judge participate? Some in law enforcement answer yes.

And did the Russian mafiya in Chicago, aided by foreign intelligence rogue operatives, including but not limited to The Mossad, Israeli intelligence, by blackmail and strong-arm methods, get deeper and deeper into the federal court bribery business? The most savvy sources say yes.

[For related details, click on archive links on Home Page, the series “The Bankruptcy Bordello” ]

And did Judge Lefkow, when she was a Bankruptcy Judge inevitably become involved with the bribery business. Again, the most knowledgeable sources say yes.

More coming. Stay tuned.

Mr Skolnick’s Reports are posted and archived at Together with his co-authored The Middle-Finger News, they are posted and archived

also posted and archived through

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Recently published, the book, “Ahead of the Parade” by Sherman H. Skolnick, A Who’s Who of Treason & High Crimes—Exclusive Details of Fraud & Corruption of the Monopoly Press, the Banks, the Bench and the Bar, & the Secret Political Police.

Can be ordered U.S./Canada 1-800-861-7899.

Can also supposedly be ordered through HOWEVER recently they blockaded their own marketing and sales of this controversial book by demanding twice the listed price.

About once a year is published a heavy packet of printed stories by Skolnick. To get a copy, send .00 (U.S. FUNDS ONLY) plus a stamped, self-addressed BUSINESS size envelope [ # 10 envelope, 4-1/8 x 9-1/2 ] WITH THREE U.S. FIRST CLASS STAMPS ON IT, to Citizen’s Committee To Clean Up The Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick, Chairman, 9800 So. Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870.

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