The Antibacterial, Antiviral, Smog-proof dress

Fibre2Fashion reports on a rare use of nanomaterials by a designer – rare in the sense that most of the stain resistant and antibacterial textiles that end up in Levis and Eddie Bauer don’t really tickle the fancy of Donatella Versace or Kate Moss.

Olivia Ong’s creations are still at an experimental stage,  and loaded with nanoparticles, but is heartening to see nanotechnologies reaching into the creative world. The creative arts, and fashion in particular, are experts in creating high value out of almost thin air – hence the designer label premium that people are willing pay. Similarly, the worlds factories may turn out tons of nanoparticles and sell them for peanuts, but the real value will be added in the applications, and in the creative arts, the sky is the limit.

Source: TNTlog