Sweden is Ranked Most Responsible Nation

The world’s most “responsibly competitive” nation is Sweden, according to a new Responsible Competitiveness Index. Developed by the social and ethical research institute AccountAbility, the index ranks nations on such issues as human rights and anti-corruption measures.Countries that behave responsibly are likely to be more competitive in the global economy, since they indicate more sustainable long-term performance, transparency, and accountability, according to the institute.

“Governments have a massive role to play in reshaping global markets,” says AccountAbility CEO Simon Zadek. “If we don’t act, markets will continue to damage people and the environment. The good news is that countries can compete responsibly and be successful, so long as governments and policy makers put in place the right frameworks. There needn’t be a conflict between compassion and competitiveness. Sweden is a shining example of this.”

Other nations making the top 10 list of responsible competitiveness:
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Norway, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, and Canada.

SOURCE: AccountAbility via Futurist Update.

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