Space Wars: The First Six Hours of World War III

The wargaming scenarios—as well as some of the “real-world” scenarios—in Space Wars are amalgamations of outcomes and insights gained from actual wargames, such as those listed on pg. 7 of the book’s forward.Finally, weapons and systems depicted in SW are real or based on real-world technologies, although some remain classified. For instance, as an AvWeek reporter, I confirmed years ago that classified tests done at China Lake NAS, Calif., proved that a maser could be accurately controlled and targeted by first firing a laser, then firing the maser a split second later. The latter’s microwave beam would follow the laser-formed “waveguide” through the air, enabling the beam to be aimed accurately and controlled.

Read the interview with the coauthor of Space Wars at KurzweilAI.

71 thoughts on “Space Wars: The First Six Hours of World War III

  1. hi wazzup… i just wanted to say that my browser is exploding when I click on the pics… are you using some javascript or something?

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