Syria could destabilize Balkan, China test missile defense

Image: THAAD – the world’s most advanced missile defense system sold to South Korea, according to Business Insider. Now, images points to a new Chinese missile defense system, according to Popular Mechanics and Arms Control Wonk.

Syria talks end over Iranian divide with Saudi Arabia, which has accused the Iranians of fomenting instability not just in Syria but elsewhere in the region where the Saudis have a direct interest, most notably in Yemen and Bahrain, according to New York Times.

Russia sees 7.5-percent stake in Euronews seized over Yukos claim, via Russia Beyond the Headlines. In Norway, Telenor face bribery charges over VimpelCom, according to the Wall Street Journal.

New Jersey Man who tried to form ISIS army in US and attack the White House pleads guilty, according NBC. Meanwhile countries across Europe are facing increasing numbers of immigrants from Syria and Afghanistan.

The Finnish Security Intelligence Service (FSIS) said it was monitoring some 300 people for possible connections to Islamist militant groups, according to Reuters.

In Slovenia the prime minister says migrant crisis could reignite Balkan conflicts, also via Reuters.

On a brighter note….

New 3-D printing method creates complex micro objects via PhysOrg.