Russia, Iran challenge NATO over Syria

The civil war in Syria keep escalating into the territory of early warning scenarios for a new global perpetual war. The increased presence of Russian aerial, naval, and land based military in Syria demonstrate the fragility of a peacful resolution in the Middle East. The European security theater is far beyond the stage of saber rattling.

  • Russian combat planes shadowed U.S. Predator drones over Syria three times last week via The Aviationist.
  • Chinese Foreign Ministry says world should not ‘arbitrarily interfere’ in Syria via Reuters.
  • Iran troops to join Syria war, Russia bombs group trained by CIA via Reuters.
  • Israel Worries About Russia’s Intervention in Syria via War Is Boring.
  • Putin and the Shiite ‘Axis of Resistance’ via TheHill.
  • Bavaria in Germany overwhelmed by more than 225,000 refugees in one month from Austria via Deutsche Welle.