Proxy cyberwars, Solar Battles, Grexit and the Asian meltdown

Ill. Solar park planned in the desert of Oman.

The Rise of the Proxy Cyberwar

Private contractors with offensive cyberwar skills are on the rise. The Italian govenment contractor, Hacking Team, recently had their servers exfiltrated. The global company responded to the data breach with public threats and denials – CSO Online. “Oh great, good job, guys … now the TERRORISTS have our zero-day exploits” – The Register. New reports show that the breach at OPM (Office of Personnel Management) exposed more than 21 million american government employees – NYTimes.

Solar Battle Fossile Legacy

Solar Battles: Surplus oil kills surplus solar power when corporate and environmental front groups emerge influential in energy policies While oil prices drop Oman goes solar and builds giant solar plant to extract oil – WSJ.

Financial system shock or controlled Grexit

Increasingly more frequent financial shocks destabilize global markets. The List of Banks Expecting a ‘Grexit’ Is Getting Longer – Bloomberg. Bitcoin thrives on Greek tragedy and gives fresh life to virtual currencies – Leak Shows Hacking Team Created Bitcoin Wallet Tracker Coindesk.

Asian Meltdown

China prop up stock market 6 percent while financial systems collapse across Asia. China’s stock-market crash is just beginning – MarketWatch and China stock market surges in volatile session – BBC News

.. meanwhile the Chinese BTC industry thrives – Motherboard.