Regional nuclear war could trigger mass starvation

A nuclear war between India and Pakistan could cause one billion people to starve to death around the world, and hundreds of millions more to die from disease and conflicts over food.

That is the horrifying scenario being presented in London today by a US medical expert, Ira Helfand. A conference at the Royal Society of Medicine will also hear new evidence of the severe damage that such a war could inflict on the ozone layer.

“A limited nuclear war taking place far away poses a threat that should concern everyone on the planet,” Helfand told New Scientist. This was not scare mongering, he adds: “It is appropriate, given the data, to be frightened.”

Helfand is an emergency-room doctor in Northampton, Massachusetts, US, and a co-founder of the US anti-nuclear group, Physicians for Social Responsibility. In his study he attempted to map out the global consequences of India and Pakistan exploding 100 Hiroshima-sized nuclear warheads.

Source: New Scientist.

61 thoughts on “Regional nuclear war could trigger mass starvation

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