How China Loses the Coming Space War

A year ago to the day, China knocked a weather satellite out of orbit, and threw the international community into panic.  Some figured the satellite-killer test was the harbinger of a future war in space — the kind of conflict that could cripple a tech-dependent United States military.   Geoffrey Forden, PhD — an MIT research associate and a former UN weapons inspector and strategic weapons analyst at the Congressional Budget Office — examines the possibilities of an all-out Chinese assault on American satellites.  This is part one.  Click for parts two and three.

Source: Wired Danger Room. See also “Chinese cyberwarfare” fra ISN Security Watch.

52 thoughts on “How China Loses the Coming Space War

  1. You know maybe this is the beginning of a “space war” or maybe it just happened. Either way we won’t know until its too late.

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