Great Secrets of the 20th Century

Court reformer and whistleblower, Sherman Skolnick, has proven to be one of the most knowledgeable conspiracy researcher in recent history. (Unfortunately Skolnick died in 2006). His relentless journalistic work leaves, what Skolnick himself denotes as, the oil- soaked and spy-riddled monopoly press in the dust. Read this fascinating story about how the Nazis collaborated with American big business and the British royal family. Learn how governments, corporations and the aristocracy operates the world through covert operations and hidden agendas. Read this heavily documented, both thrilling and tragic, classical masterpiece of conspiracy research.

Part One

By Sherman H. Skolnick

Producer/Moderator, Public Access Cable TV Program “Broadsides”. Since 1963, Founder/Chairman, Citizen’s Committee to Clean Up the Courts

1912 The British ship TITANIC sunk more so from an internal explosion in the coal bunker than from hitting an iceberg. Those who produced the most recent version of the movie Titanic, viewed, in a special submarine, the remains of the ship on the bottom of the Atlantic, off of Newfoundland. They reportedly noticed the side of the ship showed there had been a massive internal explosion in the vicinity of the coal bunker. Was it sabotage?

Knowledgeable sources contend the ship, on its maiden voyage, had been the target of blackmail and espionage intrigue implicating England and Germany who two years later went to war against each other. With the ship not having sufficient life-boats to save costs, were the passengers cold-heartedly sacrificed as part of a bloody scheme to profit war-mongering large corporate interests while from 1914 to 1918, millions of ordinary people killed each other?

The movie producers, in a re-make of a prior movie on the Titanic sinking, spent some 200 million dollars in the production. They were not about to risk that by raising the question of the internal explosion requiring a revision of history books. [Sidenote: my late father was on the ship behind the Titanic.] In 1915, the ship “Lusitania” was likewise the subject of a bloody scheme. Supposedly just a passenger ship, yet the British withdrew protection from the ship in wartime as it approached off of England. Knowing the truth that the Lusitania was a secret munitions carrier, a German U-boat sank the ship with great loss of life including U.S. citizens. The British sacrificed the passengers as part of a scheme to draw the U.S. into World War One to aid Great Britain. Remember: the British and French Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers, created the conspiratorial Federal Reserve just prior to the war, to use American assets to finance both sides of Europe’s war.

===1918 History books declare that Russian Czar Nicholas 2nd and his family, following the Russian Revolution, were assassinated by the Bolsheviks, July, 1918, in a basement of a house in Ekaterinburg, Siberia. By the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, arranged by Lenin, in March, 1918, the Russians ended their war with Germany enabling the Germans to devote their efforts to the Western front against U.S., France, and Great Britain. [Lenin’s elder brother was among those who assassinated Nicholas’s grandfather, 1881, Emperor Alexander 2nd.] The Treaty had a secret codicil, arranged by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds who financed Lenin, providing for the safe passage of the Czar and his family in exile, the Czar having abdicated the throne on behalf of himself and his young son, heir to the throne, Alexei, in the spring of 1917.

The Rockefeller banks, Chicago and New York, had the PRIVATE fortune on deposit of the Romanov family, separate from Nicholas’s government position as Czar of all the Russias. This consisted of 400 million dollars in gold, at the then price of 20 dollars per ounce. Declaring the Czar and his family falsely dead enabled the Rockefeller bankers to spread out their empire using the fraudulent bankers’ use of fractional reserves. Through secret accounts, the Rockefellers for decades thereafter rolled over these funds, to their benefit, in violation of state escheat laws providing that bank accounts revert to the State government if not claimed after, in most states, seven years. Of course, corrupt bank regulators in Illinois and New York have condoned this by the Rockefellers’ First National Bank of Chicago and their Chase Bank of New York.

By 1970, documents were being released by the British, after more than 50 years of suppression, showing the British monarchy, cousins of the Czar, secretly with U.S. aid rescued the Czar and his family. So to perpetuate the big lie of royal murder, the Rockefellers financed an elaborate movie “Nicholas and Alexandra” which in its final scenes shows the alleged assassination by the Bolsheviks of the Czar and his family in Siberia. In only one edition, the pro-British monarchy Chicago Tribune had a story headlined “U.S. Aided Rescue of Czar Nichola, British hint” [Chicago Tribune, 12/14/70.) Excerpts: “British government documents which recently were placed in the public record office in London indicate that President Woodrow Wilson backed a secret mission to Russia which may have resulted in the rescue of Czar Nicholas and his family in 1918.” and “A retired U.S. official, who has aided the investigations and asked to remain anonymous, said continued secrecy on the part of the British and American governments ‘frustrates or makes liars out of all those who are ridiculed for stating the assassination never took place.’ He said some who participated in the rescue are still alive and ‘should be interviewed'” While not mentioning the Rockefellers and their banks, the story stated quoting that official ” ‘It is a preposterous claim that full disclosure would strain the relations among any of the involved governments’, he said. ‘A whole new breed has taken over in all the chancelleries. Certainly there can be little fear anywhere of a Czarist revival.’ ”

In 1974, I and research associates of mine, spent two whole days in New York interrogating the one who claimed to be Alexei Romanov, heir to the throne, and son of Czar Nicholas 2nd. He candidly and accurately without hesitation answered each and every one of my critical questions to my satisfaction. He said his parents lived out their lives in secret exile in Poland, and that some of his sisters, such as Anastasia, were still alive and he has met with two of them in the United States, one living in a suburb of Chicago. As a cover, he stated, he was trained as part of Polish Intelligence, and studied Marxism, and supposedly became part of the Post World War Two Communist regime in Warsaw, using the cover name Michal Goleniewski. About the time John F. Kennedy was inaugurated President in January 1961, Alexei defected to the U.S. By a private act of Congress he made a U.S. citizen and promised a sizable pension by the American CIA. His disclosures caused the fingering of some 60 Soviet spies in the West. The CIA, he claimed, reneged on his yearly stipend, and he went public through ads, for example, in the dissident publication in the U.S. Ramparts Magazine. He wanted publicity to help him collect. A hemophiliac, he had the marks on his feet of having worn for many years metal leg braces, part of a plan to prevent him from falling down and bleeding to death as others with the disease.

He gave us many specific, verifiable details how the Russians to keep mum about the survival of the Czar, have been blackmailing large sums out of the Rockefellers and their banks. Also, Russia claims ownership of Alaska. In 1967, “Seward’s folly”, the U.S. obtained Alaska from Russia BY A 99 YEAR LEASE, NOT AS HISTORY PROCLAIMS, an outright purchase. The lease was arranged by a secret, midnight deal following the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln who obtained aid during the American Civil War from the then-Czar of Russia.

Forcing the Rockefellers to disgorge the long-secret Romanov family deposits would severely wreck the Rockefeller banks. Note: Rockefellers’ Chase Bank is the advertiser on major TV Network talk shows.

Sidebar: Soviet dictator Josef Stalin reportedly had an illegitimate son. The offspring, Stalin’s illegitimate grandson reportedly is U.S. Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut. His father was also a U.S. Senator who was censured by the U.S. Senate as a result of a scandal. A close associate of Chris Dodd in the past often visited Moscow and Siberia reportedly as part of the “U.S. State Department”.

Part Two

Adolph Hitler was joined at the hip with American big business jointly with the British royal family. They financed him as a bulwark, they thought, against the Soviets. The Moscow government was perceived by them as a great threat to the West.

The British royals were and are heavily German and were originally Von Battenberg. Following World War One, they changed their name to the House of Windsor, which sounds harmless. King Edward 8th abdicated the throne in the 1930s with the cover story that he wanted to marry a commoner. In fact, it was because he was very pro-Hitler and this would cause trouble with war clouds gathering. As the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, they lived mostly in the Bahamas, and he was the Governor there. He treasonously permitted Nazi U-boats to refuel there and be able to sink U.S. and British ships. After all, the British royal family was tied to the Nazis. See: John L. Spivak’s book, “Secret Armies, The New Techniques of Nazi Warfare” [Starling Press, N.Y. N.Y., 1939], pages 17-30.

World War Two started when the Germans invaded Poland, September, 1939. Three weeks AFTER that, Rockefeller’s Standard Oil of New Jersey and the German chemical octopus, I.G. Farben, made an unholy deal to share patents, royalties, and deals all during the war via neutral South American countries like Columbia. To make it seem legal, they arranged to fraudulently back-date the deal to THREE WEEKS BEFORE THE WAR STARTED. Who brokered and arranged this? Why, Joseph P. Kennedy, the pro-Hitler U.S. Ambassador to London until October, 1940, and “Founding Father” of the Kennedy clan. See: “The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben” by Joseph Borkin. I.G. Farben had a secret arrangement with the top U.S. Military brass, not to bomb any of Farben’s facilities during the war. At the close of the conflict, Farben’s facilities were 93 per cent untouched and intact.

A U.S. Military officer wrote a heavily documented account of Farben being not bombed. See: the book “I.G. Farben” by Richard Sasuly, Boni & Gaer Publ., N.Y. N.Y, 1947.

With Joseph P. Kennedy having a strong financial link to Hollywood, he ORDERED some 50 of the leading screenwriters NOT to write anything about the Nazi concentration camps. See: Ben Hecht’s book, “Child of the Century”, Simon & Schuster, N.Y. N.Y., 1954, page 520.

“The Cliveden set” of the British aristocracy wanted peace and collaboration with the Nazis. [Jacqueline Bouvier Auchincloss Kennedy’s family were close to that group.] Hitler’s top aide, Rudolph Hess flew to Scotland on a peace mission shortly after the war started. He was murdered by British Intelligence on behalf of the anti-Cliveden set and a double inserted instead. That double for Rudolph Hess was designated a war criminal after World War Two and was kept in Spandau Prison until he was way past 90 years of age. He was never allowed to write anything down or communicate with anyone. Hess’s wife once proclaimed it was not her husband that was in jail because the jail inmate did not have her husband’s tell-tale battle scar from World War One. To protect the secret about the peace overture, British Intelligence murdered the Hess double in jail.

In 1962, after Joseph P. Kennedy’s son, John F. Kennedy, had become President, the President and his brother, Robert F. Kennedy, as U.S. Attorney General, arranged for hundreds of millions of dollars of Nazi alien property, still in the hands of the U.S. Government, to be returned to Nazi war criminals by way of a Swiss front, Interhandel. See: New York Times, September 21, 22, and 24, 1964.

Some contend these treasonous dealings by the Kennedys justified the “patriotic” political assassinations of President Kennedy, and then later, his brother Bobby, each murder falsely blamed on a “lone assassin”. How far into the next century will one have to wait for the truth? The American CIA has used dozens of Nazi war criminals as consultants, particularly on how to cover up political murders and how to snuff out material eyewitnesses to the same.

A magazine called “The National Tattler”,before they ceased publication, had a hard-hitting story, February 22, 1976, showing how Nazi war criminals after World War Two, run an international secret police group called Interpol, which specializes in hunting for people with Jewish surnames, often fingering them for minor offenses. In the 1970s, in Chicago, Cook County Undersheriff, Ross V. Randolph, was Interpol’s key man in the Windy City. For many years, holding a top Post-War position also with Nazi-war-criminal-run Interpol, was FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

As we stated in Part One of “Great Secrets of the 20th Century”, “1912- the Britibsh ship TITANIC sunk moreso from an internal explosion in the coal bunker than from hitting an iceberg. Those who produced the most recent version of the movie “Titanic”, viewed, in a special submarine, the remains of the ship on the bottom of the Atlantic, off of Newfoundland. They reportedly noticed the side of the ship showed there had been a massive internal explosion in the vicinity of the coal bunker. Was it sabotage? Knowledgeable sources contend the ship, on its maiden voyage, had been the target of blackmail and espionage intrigue implicating England and Germany….The movie producers, in a re-make of a prior movie on the Titanic sinking, spent some 200 million dollars in the production. They were not about to risk that by raising the questions of the internal explosion requiring a revision of history books.”

Some believe the Titanic was purposely steered into an iceberg in a vain attempt to save the huge ship after a mysterious explosion in the coal bunkers, for which the British quietly blamed the Germans. British Intelligence returned the favor 25 years later by sabotaging the German dirigible, “Hindenburg”, the largest rigid airship ever constructed. It was of conventional Zeppelin design. In 1936, the Hindenburg inaugurated commercial air service across the North Atlantic by carrying over one thousand passengers on ten scheduled round trips between Germany and the U.S.

On May 6, 1937, while landing at Lakehurst, New Jersey, the Hindenburg burst into flames and was completely destroyed, killing 36 of the 97 onboard. It had been inflated with highly volatile hydrogen gas. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his business cronies had an armlock monopoly control on the relatively safe lighter-than-air gas, helium, produced in the U.S. but not made available to the Germans.

Even the British Encyclopaedia Britannica raised the question that the Hindenburg may have been the victim of sabotage. [Online, under the title “Hindenburg”, you can see it as]

In December, 1941, the U.S. entered World War Two when Germany declared war on U.S. The pro-Hitler Mellon family of Pittsburgh, and their Aluminum Company of America, ALCOA, for 6 months thereafter refused to step up aluminum production urgently needed for production of U.S. warplanes. Rockefellers’ Standard Oil of New Jersey, tied to I.G. Farben by patent deals, treasonously refused to go into synthetic rubber production needed after Japan’s invasion of Southeast Asia and such, cutting off natural rubber production. Rockefeller did not want to violate the arrangement with Farben, war or no war. Other firms had to hurry-up development of a synthetic rubber by a different method, in effect, having to re-invent the wheel because of Rockefellers treachery.

See: “Patents for Hitler”, by Guenther Reimann [Vanguard Press, N.Y.N.Y., 1942, pages 45-62.] Some in the U.S. mass media, such as the Chicago Tribune, were tied to Hitler and the Nazis. As shown by George Seldes’ book in 1943, “Facts and Fascism”, pages 212-228 [In Fact, Inc., N.Y., 1943.] The Chicago Tribune during the War defied warimte censorship and endangered American troops by printing U.S. military secrets.

In the 1970s, boss of both the Chicago Sun-Times and sister publication Chicago Daily News [now defunct], was James Hogue, Jr. His father had been the key lawyer representing the left-overs of Nazi war industry. In the law library you can look up: Farbenfabriken Bayer, A.G. versus Sterling Drug, Inc., Volume 148 Federal Supplement, at page 735. Hogue’s predecessor as boss when the two papers were owned by Field Enterprises was the reputed pro-Hitler Bailey K. Howard [his middle name tied to Nazi industry].

In the main ballroom of one of the older hotels, downtown Chicago, in 1976, I conducted the first major seminar in the U.S. about Nazi war criminals living quietly and secretly in the U.S. with the blessings of the American CIA and U.S.Military Intelligence. For that purpose I had scoured bookstores all over and gathered together a huge collection of little-known books on the subject. Strange, but the Jewish aristocracy which got along well with Hitler in Nazi Germany and with pro-Nazi big business in the U.S., boycotted my seminar and tried to blockade my efforts. About the same time, when Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal from Austria visited Chicago and was to hold a press conference, look what happened.

The press conference was to be held in what was then named, the downtown building called the “Covenant Club”, a key word in Judaism and the Old Testament. That same aristocracy arranged with top Chicago police officials to remove me under threat of arrest. Yet, I had not yet, outside the door of the press conference, uttered a single word, not even “hello”. With the police brass, a young Rabbi came alongside my wheelchair, and said “Shush, don’t say a single word, Mr. Skolnick, go with the police.” I whispered, “Rabbi, why is this happening to me? I am one of the most well-informed on Nazi war criminals in the U.S.” He simply repeated, “Mr.Skolnick, do not say a single word, go with the police officials.”

A friend of Simon Wiesenthal, who knew me, arranged for him to call me and I taped an interview with him. “Mr. Skolnick, I am not in charge of these arrangements”, Wiesenthal said. I responded, “Mr. Wiesenthal, your local people wanted to put me in jail just for being there. I had not uttered a single word to anyone. Why?” He answered, “I am sorry this happened, Mr. Skolnick.” I asked what I thought was a proper and good question from a knowledgeable researcher like me, “Mr Wiesenthal, is it true that you are close to the British royal family and German royalty, and aided the OSS and CIA?” And he sheepishly answered, “Mr. Skolnick, it is true but I cannot go into that, I am a guest in your country.” The OSS pre-dated the CIA.

While in Chicago, Mr. Wiesenthal was set to speak at a large synagogue. A reliable source called me in advance to tell me, “Mr. Skolnick, I happen to know, if you so much as show your face anywhere near that synagogue, a large contingent of police has already been alerted to arrest you.” Anguished, I asked “Why is this happening?” And he responded, “Sherman, you are unacceptable to the aristocracy and you know it.” I discussed with him the strange situation. A former Justice Department official was offering me the current names and addresses of thousands of Nazi war criminals living in the U.S., many in violation of immigration laws. He wanted, however, four and a half thousand dollars for the data. I had contacted an official of the B’Nai B’Rith who I knew. I was shocked to be told that the top brass of that purported Jewish organization did not wish such a list to be made public. So, instead, the Chicago Tribune paid the price, obtained the secret list, and buried the story.

Penthouse Magazine, May, 1976, told about top officials of DuPont and General Motors being tied to Hitler and the Nazis. Anthony Sutton, in his heavily documented book, “Wall St. and the Rise of Hitler”, shows how General Electric sponsored Hitler in 1933. During World War Two, General Electric’s plants in Nazi Germany were immune from bombing. So, at the end of the war, the Germans had no shortage of electrical equipment. Who arranged that immunity with the top brass of the U.S. Military?

And the Jesuits helped Nazi war criminals escape using, for example, Vatican passports. See: the book, “Aftermath” by Ladislas Farago, Avon Books [[paperback], 1975, pages 185-186, 184-187. And then there is the book by John Cornwell, “Hitler’s Pope, the Secret History of Pius XII”, Penguin Putnam, Inc., N.Y. N.Y.,1999. The highly secretive German firm, Bertelsmann AG, and their global media empire, includes Random House, Bantam Doubleday Dell, and reportedly they are sizeable owners of American Online, known as AOL.COM, the online service. As stated in Nation Magazine, November 8, 1999, “Contrary to the company’s official history, Bertelsmann cooperated with the Nazis in the late thirties and early forties, publishing a range of Hitlerian propaganda [see Hersch Fischler and John Friedman, “Bertelsmann’s Nazi Past”, December 28, 1998.”

Notice this strange situation: The Bertelsmann Foundation is closely linked to Bertelsmann AG. As the Nation Magazine stated in the same article, “On October 30 in Atlanta, the Anti-Defamation League, self-described as the world’s leading organization against anti-Semitism, will honor the Bertelsmann Foundation”. ADL is part of B’Nai B’Rith. Bertelsmann Foundation donated about one million dollars to ADL.

In 1970, I tried, to no avail, to expose ADL as spying on fellow Jews and others in the Peace Movement FOR FBI. That was before public access Cable TV, before Internet, before widespread talk radio. In more recent years, in and out of Courts, ADL has been exposed as primarily an apparent spy operation.

Another very deep, dark secret of the 20th Century, is how some Chief Rabbis—certainly not all of them—operated in countries around Nazi Germany. In Poland, for example, these purported holymen were the community bankers. The ordinary people not having local banks available, such as in the U.S., they entrusted them with their money and valuables. And these Chief Rabbis, too often, told their people, after the invasion by the Germans, after 1939, “Shush, quiet, say nothing, get on the train. The Germans want you to work on the farm”.

The ordinary Jews were fed these fairy tales. The trains took them to places like Auschwitz where many perished, having been worked to death as slave laborers for I.G. Farben and other Nazi indusry. Some concentration camp survivors I have known in Chicago have given me eyewitness accounts. They claim the grandchildren of these Chief Rabbis are big dealers in real estate and other businesses in the Chicago-area, with the treasures stolen by their Chief Rabbi grandfathers from fellow Jews, who naively believed what they were told, and got on the train “for the farm”.

“You know who they are! Sue them! Expose them! The hour is late. You are 80 years old. What are you waiting for?” I have pleaded. My offer to volunteer my expertise on legal research has so far not been answered or accepted. In vain, I want this particular Great Secret of the 20th Century to be a matter of undisputed court record.

Correction on Part One of this series: in referring to 99 year lease on Alaska, it should be 1867 [not 1967], “Seward’s Folly”, Post Civil War.

Part Three

[1] In the midst of the downfall of huge corrupt entities, the Federal Reserve siphoned off billions and billions of dollars from them. America’s secretive PRIVATE central bank stole huge funds from Enron (where 60 billion dollars disappeared), from Global Crossing, from WorldCom, from AOL-Time-Warner-CNN (where 56 billion dollars is gone), and others. Was it a mere coincidence that a top official of Enron, Jeff Skilling, was also a Director of the Federal Reserve District Bank in Houston?

Owned and formed principally by European families , known as major swindlers, the Federal Reserve used hocus-pocus, called derivatives, and other book-cooking black magic, to multiply these funds as monstrous book entries, in the trillions of dollars. Assisting the Fed have been J.P. Morgan, Citigroup (Rockefeller), and Goldman Sachs, themselves having a history of massive treason and fraud.

The purpose? To use this loot to pump up the Dow Jones 30 Industrials as a fake psychological barometer on the stock markets, to entice novices and know-nothings into believing the era of a “Great Prosperity” has arrived. In fact, the supposed good times are ending , in biblical fashion, for a decade or generation, or more.

In the process of all this, the Federal Reserve has become technically if not actually insolvent. While at it, the Fed has unlawfully sucked out huge sums from the Social Security Trust Fund, thus endangering senior citizens, those about to be such, disabled workers, and dependent children of deceased or disabled workers.

To recoup their losses, the Fed has now switched positions and is short-selling, without obeying short-selling restrictions, to drive DOWN the markets.

In short, this is the way historically the Establishment, the ruling families, the “powers that be”, the ultra rich—whatever you call them—many of them overseas-based, eventually grab up for a penny on the dollar, the bank deposits, the savings, the small real estate, the private and public pension funds, and other life-time-gathered and entitled assets of common Americans.

[For background, visit our website stories, such as about Greenspan and the Bush Family, Enron, IRS Corruption, and the murder of John F. Kennedy Jr.”What Happened to America’s Golden B oy?”. Also, the heavily-documented opus, “History of the Great American Fortunes” by Gustavus Myers.]

[2] Has the purpose been also events, studied, planned, and orchestrated, by the espionage community, without restraint of Law? To discredit U.S. elected central government, in favor of those who seek the downfall of our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantees? Such as, to reverse ordinary Americans into colonial puppets, subjects of the British Monarchy? [See our website series, “The Overthrow of the American Republic”.]

Was an important point in American history, the sham “presidential election” of the year 2000? Frightening, the way it played out similar to the outrageous “Election” of “1876”, subject of a book simply “1876” by Gore Vidal. In 1877, deprived of being inaugurated was presidential election winner Samuel Tilden. To astute observers, similar to what happened to Albert Gore, Jr.,, the actual ELECTED president, deprived of being inaugurated as such by a corrupt “Gang of Five” on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Some of the same criminals in the Enron mess, are those who are part of the Carlyle Group. They were reportedly implicated in massive bribing of DEMOCRAT officials in southern Florida, to stop, at a crucial point, the recount of the ballots.

Daddy Bush, as former head of America’s secret political police, and his henchmen, were instrumental in the Electoral College fix in Florida. [Visit our website series on the year 2000 “Election”, including about the American CIA, and Jeb Bush, Florida Governor. Also, see our story about the plot to assassinate Gore.]

[3] For several decades after World War Two, Americans were cowed and controlled bv the “Red Scare”. The oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press never mentioned that the Soviet Empire was formed and controlled by American and British funds. It fulfilled what some call the Hegelian method, antithesis to create synthesis. The Soviets were permitted to blackmail Western elites with the fake murder story as to Tsar Nicholas 2nd and his family, supposedly in 1918. [See our website story, “Great Secrets of the 20th Century”. Also, view a segment on -line of our television show with experts on that subject.]

The Soviets, supposed “enemies of the U.S.”, were supplied tremendous American technology to build up their industrial might and war machine. Such as a huge truck plant the U.S. arranged the building of in Siberia. The late Antony Sutton bravely documented these details in a whole series of books. A short list of Sutton’s books “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution”. “America’s Secret Establishment- An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones”. “The Best Enemy Money can Buy”. “National suicide military aid to the Soviet Union”. “Western Technology & Soviet Economic Development 1917-30”. “Western Technology & Soviet Economic Development 1945-1965”. “National Security and Trade with the Soviet Union”.

Once in a sinister manner referred to as America’s “mortal enemy”, the former Soviet Union is now protrayed as our friends. And, headed by Putin, formerly with the Russian Secret Political Police; he deals with George W. Bush, son of the former head of America’s secret political police. At the same time as building up the Soviets, American big business built up Nazi Germany, to promote war profits. [See, “Trading With the Enemy”, by Charles Higham. Former Federal Prosecutor, John J. Loftus, has gathered documents showing how the George Bush Family financed Hitler. Also, “Unauthorized Biography of George Bush” by Webster Tarpley. ]

[4] With the Soviets no longer the great bogeyman, the ruling families, to further cow and control ordinary Americans, and other common people worldwide, have a Plan B, already in progress. Hollywood, always tied to the Pentagon and the war-mongers, has long-since helped this Plan with stories about Unidentified Flying Objects, UFOs, real, or otherwise. A long-time secret project has been anti-gravity machines. A small belated admission has come out from Boeing. Interesting, that they refer to the Boeing division, as the Phantom Works.”Boeing challenges the laws of physics”, Financial Times, 7/29/02

Not mentioned are the secret anti-gravity machine projects of the Fermi Labs, an adjunct of Rockefeller’s University of Chicago.

A highly secret unit of the U.S. Military and the National Reconnaissance Office, NRO, has developed holographic projection. That is, in simple terms, images of supposed moving and flying devices are inserted in the skies and clouds, or upon the same. Most every eyewitness would swear under oath, that they saw a real “thing”. An “enemy” army can be ordered to surrender by a Deity speaking to them from a cloud (by holographic magic) ordering them to lay down their arms.

Controlling satellites for military, media, and communications purposes, has been the NRO. Until several years ago, it was forbidden for the monopoly press to even confirm the existence of the NRO. A huge super-secret facility near the Capitol has been built for NRO costing more than 300 million dollars. This, without members of Congress on any budget committee knowing of the project or at least, denying that they know. [A story for another time is how key members of the House and the Senate are stooges for the secret political police.]

Examples of NRO secrets include their satellite imaging. Their satellites view practically every blade of grass near the CIA headquarters in Virginia. Near that location is the Civil War historic site, Ft. Marcy Park. That is where the body was found of Clinton White House Deputy Counsel Vincent. W. Foster, Jr. He supposedly was a “suicide”. All along, the NRO has proof, by satellite imaging, of his murder and removal, how his body was moved by identifiable persons from in or near the White House parking lot to be dumped near some Civil War cannons in Ft. Marcy Park. To confuse matters, the location is right across the road from the mansion of the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S., raising questions about him and his aids. Did they see or hear anything? As a cover up, a key NRO official, as to satellite imaging, Daniel Potter, was murdered in recent years.

One of the biggest secrets of the NRO is the “Crop Circle Syndrome”. Ornate designs suddenly show up on farms in various parts of the world. Since the designs are so intricate, many UFO book-writers theorize that some off-the-planet forces are doing it. And, presumably, these forces are ETs. Yes, it is off-the-planet, okay, but not ETs. Rather, the NRO is in charge of the super-secret satellites and other forms of machinery, that have super-duper laser, particle beam, and other so far unlabeled technology. So greatly ahead of any published sources, these devices are more or less generally unknown. And, the mechamisms operate beyond the human-visible and sometimes even machine-visible spectrum. In plain terms,these machines tatoo the earth.

The purpose? Plan B. Since the Moscow government is no longer our “enemy” (if they ever really were), then earthlings have to be controlled, to deal with “enemies” from some faraway galaxy. “Enemies” or “Friends” supposedly sending us some kind of messages elegantly embroidered in the earth. WIth a financial collapse expected, these methods of controlling the populace are even more strategic and urgent.

I fully expect “crop circle” magazine and book publishers to start screaming against us for raising this issue, which operates to the detriment of their publishing profits and “prophets”. By the way, about nine years ago our weekly one-hour public access Cable TV Show, “Broadsides”, dared discuss an early version of the Plan B scenario. As we then stated, the plan was created to deal with expected financial collapse, by controlling the population, the easiest way, with vast superstitutions and such, in the absence of the Moscow “enemies”. One well-informed scientists, who would not allow us to use his name, did confirm our basic contentions. If ever we we re-name our website, perhaps we should call it “Ahead of the Parade”, which we have been for more than forty years, with the jeopardy and rewards of plusses and minuses.

More coming. Stay tuned.

Since 1958, Mr.Skolnick has been a court reformer. Since 1963, founder/chairman, Citizen’s Committee to Clean Up the Courts, disclosing certain instances of judicial and other bribery and political murders. Since 1991 a regular panelist, and since 1995, moderator/producer, of one-hour,weekly public access Cable TV Show, “Broadsides”, Cablecast on Channel 21, 9 p.m. each Monday in Chicago. For a heavy packet of printed stories, send .00 [U.S. funds] and a stamped, self-addressed business sized envelope [4-1/4 x 9-1/2 #10 size] WITH THREE STAMPS ON IT, to Citizen’s Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick, Chairman, 9800 South Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870. Office, 7 days, 8 a.m. to midnight, (773) 375-5741 [PLEASE, no “just routine calls]. Before sending FAX, call.

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  1. Do get your facts right in regard to the name of the royal house of Windsor. If you are wrong on such an obvious silly mistake as this, you are probably wrong in many other places.

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