CMRC, the illuminazi and the Secret Order of Saint Benedict

As now I’m finally out of the illuminati as everybody knows I want to talk without barriers. It seems to me that no one was really expecting such a move from me in the masonic circles. Many know me from my years in Freemasonry and the illuminati and wondered thinking is he really doing this or is he gone completely crazy? No I’m realy doing this and I will expose the Brethern further in their evil intentions.

And yes I was finally free to stick a finger up to the so called illuminati and say finally Im a free and accepted man amongs my equals and not the usual privileged bastard I used to be, or a supposed Free and Accepted Mason in reality a puppet of my Grand Master…

The present state of the Masonic Order and of all side Orders is a sincere catastrophy, a catastrophy ruled by incompentent and even worst, dangerous individuals, involved in Satanic actvities camouflaged as Egyptian esoterica (the usual Jesuit followers…).The illuminati discuss amongst themselves the significance of Gnosticism in reality they are high level Vatican puppets meeting in these Conferences at the Canonbury Research Centre in London, like the last one at the beginning of November 2006.

We are also fascinated to see at this CMRC Conference many well known esoterica wizards like Colin Wilson, Tobias Churthon with all these High level Masons and prestigious Accademicians like Professor James Robinson from Clermont Graduate University General Editor of the Nag Hammmadi library all together for the KNOWLEDGE OF THE HEART, a question comes to my mind about these illuminati : do they still have a heart???

We need to focus a bit more on the real significance of these kind of Conferences promoted by high level Freemasons and Satanist at the CMRC, and you might finally understand where and how these contemporary High Level Freemasons and illuminati meet up to conspire against the rest of the world. Professor and Freemason Thierry Zarcone present at this event on Saturday and Sunday the 4th and 5th of November even affirmed that the Ottoman Empire, treated their own form of Ottoman Freemasonry as another Islamic Sufi Society, and went on saying that the ‘Ancient and Accepted Rite’ became the ‘Ancient and Accepted Sufi Path’ . But Professor Thierry Zarcone who also mentioned the Bektashi Sufi Order, deliberately didnt give the connections between these renegade Islamic figures of Ottoman Freemasonry connected to the Vatican, and the Zionist and the birth of Nazism through infamous Freemasons like Rudolf von Sebottendorf Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorff (or von Sebottendorf ).

So lets see if they are ever gonna start revealing the truth in such illuminazi circles and lets keep an eye on these western illuminati operating at the Canonbury Masonic Research Centre.

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

Source: Illuminati Confessions by Leo Lyon Zagami

Secret Order of Saint Benedict

SECRET ORDER OF SAINT BENEDICT Saint Benedict was born around 480 in Norcia , Umbria from a noble family. In Rome he made his first studies then ashamed from the roman corruption of that time moved to Enfide, the contemporary Affile, which is located between the Simbruini mounts, where he pursued his studies in the Church of S.Pietro, in a life characterized of a rigorous ascetic discipline. At twenty years he found refuge in the shelter of Subiaco leading the life of an hermit for three long years in a horrendous cave, now known as Sacred Speco. After his days in Subiaco, Saint Benedict founded its monastic community and first Monastery of San Clemente, he created the Monastery using the basements of the famous Villa of the first Antichrist the feared Emperor Nerone, whose name we find hidden cabalistically in the Apocalypses of Saint Giovanni as 666 (GEMATRIA). Saint Benedict erudite man knew well what he was searching and where to find it, and it’s from this encounter/challenge in Subiaco with the forces represented from the still alive spirit of the Devil of the Imperial Rome that the Benedictine Monachesimo was born, synthesis of an ascetic vision of an advanced level that tries to bring to the origins a Christian Church that since the times of the council of Nicea did not reflect anymore the true instructions of the Master Jesus.

The Secret Order of Saint Benedict is born therefore in parallel with the Benedictine Order and hidden from the feared and perfide hierarchy of the Church of Rome, to the dawn of the Western monachesimo. The Secret Order of Saint Benedict is born in order to protect the great secret of the Benedictine Order and the true hidden instructions of the Apocalypse of S.Giovanni, to contribute in this way to the advent of the Messiah future Lord and redeemer who will lead, if God wants, to the definitive defeat of the Empire of the Evil. Such very secret Order in which you can still find notable personages of the Sublacense zone, which meet since a long and immemorable time far away from indiscreet eyes in a place known from the local inhabitants as Monte Crocella. This locality impervious and very remote is found not far away from Subiaco near to the Sacred Speco and is easy recognizable from the Cross planted on its top in 1900 in occasion of the year of the Jubilee. And it was then some Friars of the Benedictine Order connected secretly to the Secret Order of Saint Benedict who wanted to carry on their own shoulders in memory of Master Jesus this very heavy cross made of full copper. Another personage of relief that we find inside the Secret Order of Saint Benedict is Saint Onorico, an ascetic and a mystic of highest level that lived for the greater part of its life inside of a narrow cavern, imitating Saint Benedict at his origins. Onorico lived with such hallucinating deprivations that made quite a scandal in the Catholic Church, until at some point the Pope himself went to find it in order to convince him to pass the last years of his life in a more relaxed way at the near Sacred Speco of S.Benedict.

It was an offer that Onorico could not refuse but added “I will eat only some cooked vegetables and a glass of wine each month”. Many searches have been made by myself in the Sublacenze zone in order to locate its cove, and from part of the historians and religious legacies of the Vatican but it’s been so far impossible to find what in reality had become later on a place of great respect and cult for the Secret Order of Saint Benedict. Of the rituals and the strange practices carried out on Monte Crocella from the Secret Order of the Saint Benedict nothing is known in the profane world, beside what we find sporadically reported from the inhabitants of the place on a “mysterious sect” and their strange rituals regularly practiced on Monte Crocella, but the inhabitants of the place prefer not to speak of this “to the strangers” fearing a possible vendetta of the Order, and having since the old times a great fear and a great respect for this type of things in this very catholic place whish is Subiaco, and prefer to stay away from such things. What little we know on the initiatical and mysterical value of the Secret Order of Saint Benedict was communicated to us from one of its members, an old parish priest of the place well known to a local level for its eternal comments on the Divine Comedy which has confided to us the importance of the Sacred Speco on the whole symbolism of this secret Order.

This Former-preside of a local Liceo Classico (classic languages high school n.d.t.) has told us to study it with care if we want to begin to comprehend the Sacred mysteries of the Secret Order of Saint Benedict, mysteries connected to the Apocalypse and the “Fac Bonum”, the mystical “Suggello” of Saint Benedict that we find inside, on one of the walls of the Sacred Speco. In Saint Benedict, like in Sant’Agostino, of which he is, on such point, his spiritual heir, we assist to the fusion of two mystical objectives: “Deverto to malo ET fac bonum” “remove yourself from the evil and do good” this suggestion is given in order not only to avoid the negative and dangerous vibrations, but also in order to create around yourself a generating equilibrium of celestial clarity. FAC BONUM (Do Good) orders the Saint. Inside of the Sacred Speco we find on our left hidden in a narrow passage the mysterious figure of Lucifer, it show itself tranquil but resigned in its expression that is directed towards a grate, from which we can see the altar and the chapel located downstairs where the Saint Mass is celebrated, this would seem an attitude from prisoner in contemplation. Then when we come down in the Chapel downstairs and we find the figures of the four symbolic animals of the Apocalypse, the Lion, the calf, the Eagle and the Lamb in the centre which based on the tradition are correlated to the 4 Knights of the Apocalypse and to the 4 Evangelist.

Therefore, for example, “Gregorio Magno” comments the 4 animals in its Omelia IV on Ezechiele: The living winged beings come defined with exactitude by the means of the Saint Spirit of the prophecy, so that the exactitude of the definition reveals the persons of the Evangelists, and the word of God do not leave some doubts to our interpretation. Here in fact what is said: Their faces were similar to a man face; all four had, to the right a lion face, on the left a face of Taurus, and all four had a face of a Eagle. That these four winged living beings symbolize the Evangelists, is attested on the introductions in the books of the Gospel.

Matteo rightly comes represented has a man figure because he refer to the human origin of Jesus; Mark from the lion for the reason of the outcry in the desert; Luca from the calf because he takes the move from a sacrifice; Giovanni is symbolized from the Eagle because he begin with the divinity of the Verb. He saying: In principle it was the Verb, and the Verb was near God, and the Verb was God, while fixed the look in the same substance of the divinity, nearly like the fixed Aquila the eyes in the sun. But since all the elect ones are limbs of our Lord, and our Lord is the head of all the elect ones, for the fact that are shaded its limbs, nothing prevents that He it is represented in them. He in fact, the unique Son of God, has made himself truly a man, he has deigned to die like a calf in the sacrifice of our redemption, he is resurrected like a lion in virtue of its force. To the lion it is not permitted to sleep with open eyes, because in the death itself in which our Lord as a man could sleep, like God, remaining immortal, he remained wide awake.

Rising to the sky after its resurrection, He was elevated up like the Eagle. It is therefore for us all this together: man for its birth, calf for its death, lion in its resurrection, Eagle in its ascension to the sky. But since, like we have already said, the four living beings symbolize the Evangelists and these, with their figures all the perfect men, remain to be seen how every elect one comes shaded in the vision of the living beings. Every elect and every mature man in the way of God, is entirety man, calf, lion and Eagle. The man is a reasonable animal. The young calf usually comes immolated in the sacrifice. The lion is a strong animal, like is written: The lion, most strong of the animals, does not fear the encounter of nobody. The Eagle flies up looking with fixed eyes to the rays of the sun. Therefore who is mature in the reason, is a man. And if he scarify itself from any mundane pleasure, he is a young calf; and since, for this spontaneous mortification he possesses the force of the confidence on himself, for which it is written: The just one is sure as the lion that does not have fear, he is a lion; and because, then, it contemplates in sublime ways the celestial and eternal truths, he is an Eagle. Therefore, every just one becomes man in virtue of the reason, young calf in virtue of the sacrifice of its mortification, lion for the force of the confidence, Eagle for the contemplation, with justice these living beings can be the symbol of every perfect man. Here we propose ourselves to demonstrate that that which has been said of the four living beings, can be applied to the single perfect men.

The opening of fifth seal. When the Lamb opened the fifth seals, I saw under the altar the spirits of those who were immolates because of the word of God and the testimony they have made of it. And asked with great voice: “Until when, Monarch, you that are saint and truthful , you will not make justice and revenge our blood over the inhabitants of the earth”. Then it was given to everyone of them a candid garment and was said to be patient little more, until the number of their companions of service and their brothers that had to be killed for their service was complete (AP 6, 9-11).

Remember Brothers and Dames of the Order of the Temple “Mary presided at the principle of our Order, and presides also, if this is the will of the Lord, the End”.

The phrase is from the Rule of the Templar Order of San Bernardo from Chiaravalle that remembers us our devotion to the Saintest Virgin. Saint Bernardo was a Advanced Incognito of the True Masonry like it was in Ireland Saint Malachia. We are now to the VII chapter on the path of True Masonry, and number 7 in the liturgic work of Saint Benedict has one great esoteric importance, the esoteric importance of number 7 is highly attested from the wonderful Patriarch of the West as they define it H.Durville and Abbot Julio in the book PRAYERS AND SECRETS OF HIGH MAGIC a text that we higly advise to our Brothers and Sisters Illuminati of the “Grande Fratellanza Bianca Universale” (Great Universal White Brotherood n.d.t.) where you will be able to find an authoritative interpretation of the “divine message”, has is said to be from Scholar Pier Luca Pierini R. of the Editions Rebis of Viareggio a point of reference of first importance and a sure “beacon” for all the consciences in search of truth. In this precious work you will be able to find between the many things of sure interest for the true and sincere practitioner of the Real Art, an entire chapter dedicated to number 7, a number very important for us Illunminati that is reflected in the liturgy of Saint Benedict, that divides the sacred chant in seven parts emphasizing, thus, with a ritual, seven times resumed during the day, the union of the spirit with God.

We conclude this Chapter with the voice of the Father Abate who rises itself after the song of the serious and solemn Magnificat to say to us: “Pardon our offenses as we pardon those who have offended us” To Subiaco we will come with humilty asking forgiveness to you in your Supreme centre o Saint Protector of our Europe. Amen