Conspiracy theories and Transhumanism

The conspiracy theory crowd is looking at the transhumanist movement for evidence of a planned eugenic robotic utopia for the elite. Unfortunately this means a robotic hell for you. I actually enjoy sites like “The Labyrinth of the Psychonaut” and “Red Ice Creations” – not for it’s quality of content but as pure entertainment. In the same way I find many conspiracy sites interesting.

Trying to tie transhumanism up with eugenics and elite population control is not new. The transhumanists are well aware of the history of eugenics and do their best to promote the idea that transhumanism is the best for humankind, and not just for the few with bionic implants. Even though the liberal transhumanist like to think of themselves as the true transhumanists there are other factions taking a much more reactionary approach. This faction is also active in Italy, see “The Complicated Politics of Italian Transhumanism” from IEET.

Read more about conspiracy theories and the transhumanist movement at Vigilant Citizen(Transhumanism, PsyWar and B.E.P.’s “Imma Be”) and Euromed (Increasing Propaganda For March Towards Posthuman Robot Hell). Also see R.U. Sirius (Welcome to the Home of Satanic Transhumanist Elite Conspiracy) and Michael Anissmiov‘s comments. The most comprehensive analysis of this paranoia is on Khannea Suntzu‘s Blog (“Demonization for dummies”).