Nanotech: Friction of a single atom measured with ions

Illustration: Christine Daniloff/MIT

In tuning friction to the point where it disappears, technique could boost development of nanomachines. MIT reports on recent advances in nanotechnology. Source: MIT News.

According to Nature ions trapped in a vacuum have simulated the friction of surfaces down to the scale of single atoms, and in the process have demonstrated how some surfaces can slide past each other with almost no energy lost. Source: Nature.


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Situation Report #10: Google, Ukraine, Yemen, and China

Meet Google the Monopolist

As the world slowly crumbles to pieces and the global economy implodes industrial competition are heating up. Google, with a 90 percent marked share on the global marked for mobile search, has been sued by the E.U. Commision on antitrust charges, according to Wall Street Journal.

Russia, NATO show military might over Ukraine

Two months after the Minsk peace accord signed on the 12th of February by the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France, the prospects for a long-lasting solution to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine still look vague, according to Russia Beyond the Headlines. The murders of pro-Russian lobbyists increase tension in Ukraine standoff, according to Reuters. Meanwhile in Europe; Russian aircraft arrived as dozens of Nato warships gather off the coast of Scotland for Exercise Joint Warrior, according to the Telegraph.

Yemen conflict could spark regional war

In Iraq, the U.S.-backed efforts of Abadi’s Shiite-led government to vanquish the Islamic State, a Sunni organization, have been aided by Shiite-led Iran. Saudi Arabia, a Sunni monarchy, charges that the Houthi tribes it is fighting in Yemen are part of Tehran’s efforts to exert hegemony over the entire region, according to Washington Post.

China and IMF support Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank

As economic leaders gather here this week for meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, China is set to kick off a rival infrastructure development lender that promises to shake up the traditional American-led global financial order, according to LATimes.

On a brighter note:

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A woman addresses Ukrainian Interior Ministry troops who formed a battle line during the clashes. Gleb Garanich/Reuters

Situation Report #9: Ukraine, 5GW, ISIS, and economic warfare


Accordring the United Nations Ukraine has since mid-January to the middle of last month seen at least 842 people dead and over 3,400 wounded. The armistice between Russia and Ukraine over eastern parts of the country broke down as suspected by OECD observers, EU, and NATO. Russian involvement has been obvious for observers and journalists since last year. The killing of Boris Nemtsov could be another political assassination arranged by Putin and friends.


The 5GW terror attacks on commentators and journalists in Paris, Belgium, and recently Denmark is proof that 5GW terrorism is the favorite choice for subversive organizations worldwide. Terrorism is warfare by the individual.


The geographical reach of ISIS and their sophisticated use of media progaganda becomes increasingly embaressing for western media and psyops. While western academics deny the possibilty of an ongoing religious and civilizational war all IS terror confirms their attack on liberal and Christian values. The prospect of a perpetual religious and propagandized war should concern us all.

Economic warfare

Meanwhile the world economy collapses due to wars, insecurity, european disintegration, negative interest rates, record low oil-prices and the resulting social distress. Unintended consequences or the beginning of WW4?

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Prox Dynamics Nano UAV goes Thermal

The Norwegian company Prox Dynamics release updated version of their popular micro-drone (UAV) PD-100 used by the military for reconnaissance:

“The introduction of the PD-100 T significantly enhances the Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System solution, offering a 24-hour Cargo Pocket ISR capability to the warfighter,” said Ole Aguirre, VP Business Development at Prox Dynamics. The PD-100 enjoys a proven, combat worthiness record from operations in Afghanistan by U.S. allies. Operational since 2011, the PD-100 has been in use by the UK Army and several coalition partners and is described as a “life saver” and “game-changing” technology by the UK Ministry of Defense. The inclusion of a complete, digitally enhanced thermal sensor from FLIR Systems Inc., paired with an EO camera, enables unprecedented mission flexibility and situational awareness in night operations.

“We believe this is the single-most important upgrade on the PD-100 system to date. The PD-100 T combines EO and thermal camera into an 18 gram helicopter, allowing fused live video and still images to be viewed by the operator. Today’s modern warfighters demand a 24-hour solution, and here you have the first nano-UAV solution to achieve this,” says Petter Muren, CTO and Founder of Prox Dynamics.

Source: Prox Dynamics. Also check out “Army researchers develop pocket-sized aerial surveillance device” via The United States Army.

My advice for Prox is to find partners within the autonomous drones community:

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Situation Report #8: Snowmageddon, Fukushima and further Economic Stagnation

knightscope-robocopAutonomous Robots Will Take on Your Security Job
via MIT Technology Review

News roundup:

  • What’s behind snowmageddon that hit the US this week? via New Scientist
  • Uncrackable code developed for nuclear weapons via R&D Magazine.
  • Containing Ebola with Nanotechnology via Boston University.
  • Singapore moves to regulate taxi booking apps PhysOrg.
  • Mathematical time law governs crowd flow via Nature.
  • 12 LuxLeaks diagrams that will make your head spin via The Guardian.
  • U.S. Firms Accused of Enabling Surveillance in Despotic Central Asian Regimes via The Intercept.
  • Google break-up plan emerges from Brussels via Cryptome.
  • Fukushima radiation detected off California coast via Daily Mail Online.
  • Creaking euro zone, China sound warnings for global growth via Reuters.

Meanwhile on Tundra:

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Situation Report #7: Ebola, economic stagnation and Peak Oil


The global geopolitical situation is slowly detoriating as the Eurozone states and the US/Euro/Japan show diminishing returns on their zero interest rate policy. Sweden lowers interest rates to 0 % and enters an economic downwards spiral as the global industrial complex stagnates. Oil prices are plummeting due to decreased production and out of control military conflicts in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq while the Ebola virus destroy the economies of Western African countries.

Recent news:

  • Post Carbon Institute’s LTO Reality Check – Peak Oil Barrel
  • Mali rushes to contain Ebola after its first case via The Guardian.
  • Scientists make enzyme that could help explain origins of life via Physorg.
  • 2040’s America will be like 1840’s Britain, with robots? via IEET.

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