Sci-Fi Weekly review Plausible Futures

The folks over at Sci-Fi Weekly has written an article about this blog.

Billing itself as a “news service for the future studies community,” Plausible Futures serves up a thought-provoking and entertaining buffet of video clips and Web links, along with ongoing discussion of emerging technologies, from robotics and biotech to alternate energy and even the human quest for life extension—not to mention out-and-out immortality.


The interaction between technology and politics is examined closely in Plausible Futures‘ articles on privacy, information warfare and emerging medicines. Other entries look at the global economy, military inventions, out-of-body experiences and even a host of Existential Threats, such as the hypothetical risks posed by nanotech devices that haven’t been invented yet and the number of possible starvation victims in the event of a nuclear exchange in South Asia.

Science fiction—particularly hard SF—has come under fire in recent years from those who feel the genre has become too concerned with the present, that in a world already filled with marvelous gadgets, writers are failing to imagine vivid, wild and yet credible futures for humankind. Within that context, a site like Plausible Futures serves as a source of inspiration, not only to authors looking for the meat of their next story, but for anyone who wants to kick back and imagine what life might be like in another decade, century or even millennium.

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